At Superior Cleaning Services we make our customers our top priority and our reputation speaks accordingly. Our customers are loyal and go out of their way to recommend us to others in the industry. Word of mouth is what we have predominantly grown our business on which we feel is a great compliment to how our customer service measures up. Here are a few examples of our satisfied customers

Being in the recycling industry, our business is tough to keep clean, and Superior is the first cleaning service that we have been fully satisfied with.

– Jillian Wigren, Great Lakes Recycling

When we first signed on to have Superior Cleaning Services clean our busy Chiropractic office weekly, Justin was extremely accommodating with our crazy office hours and he took extra care to document in detail our expectations. Since then, we have been extremely happy with both the performance and professionalism of their staff. So much that they now clean our home bi-weekly as well. We are particular about our home and have been very satisfied with the cleaning services provided by Tonia. As small business owners, we deal with a lot of vendors and it is truly refreshing to feel like customers again. We highly recommend Superior Cleaning Services for all of your cleaning needs.

– Dr. David and Mary Lynn Stone, Stone Chiropractic Health Center, Davison

I would highly recommend Superior Cleaning Services! I am the type of person that cleans for “fun”. Going through nursing school and learning about all of the germs and bacteria that can be lurking in unexpected corners of your house (no matter how “clean” you keep your house) has been something that has been unsettling for me for a few years now. I take every Saturday or Sunday morning cleaning my kitchen, bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, etc., which is time that could be spent doing many other things. I have been hesitant for years now to hire a cleaning service for my home because I never thought anyone would clean like me, or as thorough as I clean my own house. I took three months asking about local cleaning companies, calling them to see how much they charge, how they did their cleaning, etc. I dragged my feet on it for months because paying a couple hundred dollars for cleaning services, that I was still unsure would get completed the way I do it, was something I did not want to do quite yet. Then I talked to Superior Cleaning Services. They beat the most recent quote I received by $100. They were able to come and clean on the day I had asked them to, which was short notice. Conveniently, I was in and out of the house the day they were there which did ease my uneasiness of someone else cleaning the house besides myself. The staff was so friendly and they took no time at all to clean the house, and clean it well. They did all that I asked, and did not hesitate on anything when I explained to them what I wanted done, and how picky I was. I was very pleased with the work when they left. Superior Cleaning Services will definitely be doing all my deep-cleaning from here on out.

– Kelli Kraemer

I have worked with Justin and his crew for over 18 months.  They are always professional, on-time, and get the job done right.  Justin’s level of customer service that he provides is extraordinary.  I would recommend Superior Cleaning Services to anyone.

-Lisa Jones